I was born April 15th 1993 in France.

As a child I discovered a passion for drawing and painting through the pictures of Gustave Doré, Quentin Blake, Lisbeth Zwerger, Hayao Miyazaki’s movies, Symbolist painters, that made me quickly decide I would be an illustrator. After obtaining a degree in Literature and Arts, I entered the Pivaut school in Nantes where I studied illustration, painting, graphic design, publishing and press. I pursued my artistic training with the painter Marc Chalmé, with whom I shared the same fascination for colors and light.

While in school, I met great illustrators such as Benjamin Lacombe and Frédéric Pillot, who’s rooted my will to make children’s books. 

In 2014 I published my first book at Magnard Jeunesse editions and since then I keep writing and drawing books for children.

I live and work in Berlin.


Books : 

Allô papi ici la Terre, Magnard Jeunesse, 2015 (Cover)

Un beau voyage, Le buveur d’encre, 2016

Le livre d’Hannah, Le buveur d’encre, 2016

Une histoire, Le buveur d’encre, 2017 

Frileux, l’ours qui n’aimait pas l’hiver, Sarbacane, 2018 


Group exhibitions :

“Bestial Bestiaire”, Curiosités Gallery, 2014

“Dans la peau”, Curiosités Gallery, 2015

“Vɛʁ”, Curiosités Gallery, 2015

“Earth Fiction” Curiosités Gallery, l’Etabli Gallery, 2016


Solo exhibitions : 

“Un beau voyage” l’Atelier du Chapeau Rouge, 2016