Photo credit: Sven Serkis

I am a French illustrator and picture books maker based in Berlin.

As a child, I discovered a passion for drawing and painting through the works of Gustave Doré, Maurice Sendak, Quint Buchholz, Paul Grimault, and symbolist painters. After obtaining a degree in Literature and Arts, I entered the Pivaut School, where I studied illustration and painting. While in school I worked with great artists including Benjamin Lacombe and Marc Chalmé, who furthered my interest in creating picture books. In 2015, I started to work as an illustrator and my first picture book, Un beau voyage, was published the following year.

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L’école des loisirs, Pastel, Sarbacane, Le buveur d’encre, Magnard jeunesse,

Ravensburger, Hachette, BranD magazin, Runners world, Monopol magazin,

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Mannschaft…


Un beau voyage, Le buveur d’encre, 2016

Une histoire, Le buveur d’encre, 2017

Frileux, l’ours qui n’aimait pas l’hiver, Sarbacane, 2018

Les mots peints, L’école des loisirs, 2019

Imagine un loup, Pastel, 2019


UN BEAU VOYAGE, Le chapeau rouge, Nantes – 2016

MASKS, P7 gallery, Berlin – 2018

IMAGINARY JOURNEYS, O’ Garden, Shenzhen – 2019


Tout m’inspire, Citrouille magazine, 2016

Das Leben is bunt, Mannschaft magazine, February 2019

Communicating without words, Pendulum magazine, July 2019

Ballpitmag, October 2019