U.S.A. (HarperCollins – 2022)

CANADA (La Pastèque – 2023)

GERMANY (Von Hacht Verlag – 2023)

KOREA (Sowonnamu – 2023)

BRAZIL (Vergara & Riba – 2023)

ITALY (Editrice il Castoro – 2023)

SPAIN (Ediciones Ekare – 2023)

GREECE (Dioptra – 2023)

HOLLAND (Luitingh-Sijthoff – 2023)



“A gorgeous story of being true to oneself that will brighten any shelf.”


“Many readers will be overjoyed. This flies high.”


“A much-needed, heartwarming story of inclusivity.”

— Jonathan Van Ness, author of Peanut Goes for the Gold and star of Netflix’s Queer Eye

“Marc Majewski’s Butterfly Child is both lovely and incredibly moving. Like its creative young protagonist, this is a story that soars on beautiful wings.”

The Fan Brothers, creators of The Night Gardener

“Butterfly Child is a gorgeous testament to the importance of being yourself…and what a gift it is to have parents who encourage it. Beautifully written and rendered in lively color and stunning texture by Marc Majewski, this book is a true act of love.”

Sasha Velour, Drag Queen